Barely Lime Solid Color Aida Fabric

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Barely Lime Solid Colored Aida Fabric

DoveStitch fabrics are worthy of heirloom quality projects and fun day to day cross stitch pieces, too. The thick, exceptionally even fabric is a pleasure to work with and looks and feels like what it is: one of the finest fabrics you will ever stitch with!

  • Made in Europe, colored in the USA.
  • Washable to 212°F (100°C).Colorfast.
  • Lightfast. Your designs will keep without fading.
  • Perfectly consistent and repeatable colors so what you see is what you get.
  • Environmentally friendly. Uses less than 1% of the dye of the next leading brand.
 This color is available in many counts, types and sizes of fabric. Silver (opalescent) treatments optional.
Computer screens do not represent colors the same as real life.
For the best match use our Color Chart, or you can use the thread color below as a guide:
 DoveStitch Shade  Accuracy   Similar to DMC® Thread  
Barely Lime  is slightly lighter than:  DMC# 369