Cray, William Morris inspired Free Cross Stitch Pattern

This was an design by William Morris and converted to cross stitch, this design is chic and understated. Choose a dark blue, and rich oranges for the full effect! The outline is a dark brown or dark burnt orange color. You could change the background to suit your decor. It would make a cute little pillow, piece of wall art, or pocket change purse.


The pattern is 100x100 stitches, so on 14ct it would be 7.1" (18cm) squared


on 28ct linen or evenweave it would be 3.5" (8.9cm) squared.


Need help Printing this? It's quite a big design, so click here to view it on its own and then press print! Otherwise you can right click and "Save As" to your computer for use later on.


The design is also available in Needlepoint as a stunning miniature, or full sized wall art / pillow available here