About Us

The ideation of designing and printing your own fabric was previously considered an afterthought. Not only was printing a custom fabric or design considered ridiculously expensive, but many surface pattern designers did not have a platform that offered distribution of their art to shoppers in a fast and effective way. Dove Stitch was created with a passion for giving pops of color and unique designs that our customers will love.
When you step into our office today, you will see exactly what you would expect from a family-oriented business that honors the marriage between color and pattern. Our goal for our customers is to come onto our website and feel the warmth of creative pizazz. Dove Stitch has grown a thriving community that gives our customers the ability to think outside the box and discover what their imagine will create.
Most importantly, our #1 priority is to allow your entrepreneurial mindset and creativity flow freely as you are putting together your perfect design. We continue to support our community as we make our customers happy after every project.