Fall Fabrics from Dovestitch

Posted by Dovestitch on 13th Oct 2021

Get Inspired With These Fall Season Cross Stitch Fabrics

Cross stitching is known for being a hobby that our parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents participated in. Despite its tendency to ebb and flow in popularity throughout the years, cross stitching has been in existence for at least a few millennia.

In fact, "traces of cross stitch have been found on cloth fragments dating all the way back to the 6th century (Cross Stitch Academy)." Although cross stitching is one of the oldest craft-related hobbies in existence, there is zero indication that it will be going away any time soon.

That is, cross stitching is making a comeback! In fact, cross stitching projects have been popping up across the Internet on websites such as Pinterest and Apps like TikTok. Over the years, cross stitching projects have grown increasingly impressive and, at times, humorous in nature.

More so now than ever, there is an air of eager anticipation for Fall season cross stitching fabrics and project ideas. There's just something about the turning of seasons that rejuvenate and excite crafters across the world.

Check out this season's best Fall cross stitch fabrics- they're sure to inspire your next project!

Next-Level Scary Cross Stitch Fabrics

Who doesn't like a spooky cross stitch fabric? This Spattered Web cross stitch fabric and this Purple and Gold Cobweb cross stitch fabric are both in need of some cross stitched spiders! These fabrics are also perfect for cross-stitched Halloween sayings.

Every scary movie includes flies buzzing around just before the film gets to the frightening part. Only check out this Spooky Flies cross stitch fabric if you dare! This brown, tan, and black dark fabric definitely exudes horror movie vibes.

Pumpkin Patch Cross Stitch Fabric

Take a stroll through the pumpkin cross stitch patch! The Pumpkin Mixed Attitude and the Pumpkins Galore cross stitch fabrics are perfect for anyone who loves the appearance of cartoon or doodled pumpkins.

However, if you seek a more elegant approach to cross stitching pumpkins, we recommend you check out the Halloween Perfect Cross Stitch Fabric and the Halloween Thrill Background. Both cross stitch fabrics feature beautifully drawn Pumpkins.

Haunted Cross Stitch Fabric Scenes

Nothing screams Halloween more than a haunted cross stitched scene. This Halloween Negatives Medley Cross Stitch Fabric is the perfect black-and-white fabric to help you create a cross stitched horror scene.

Likewise, this Jack O' Lantern Background Cross Stitch Fabric features a dark field, full moon, and looming scarecrows on a chilly night. Stitching a famous scary movie quote across the scene or even a lingering "Happy Halloween" in bright red could lead to a conversation-starting decorative craft!

We recommend the deep purple and black Mummy Background Cross Stitch Fabric for a unique themed project.You can use this desert scene to cross stitch a set of frightening mummies or even scary seasonal quotes!

Final Thoughts

Our DoveStitch team of cross stitching professionals are dedicated to researching today's best fabrics and trends for the hobby. As such, we are proud to offer a supply of the most intriguing, unique, and inspiring cross stitch fabrics.

Are you seeking the best fabric for your elegant and classic project? Or, do you plan on taking a more modern approach and need material to match a specific scene or quote? Whatever your cross stitching needs are, we have a fabric to match your preferences!